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Holidays, apartments, villas and hotels in Sicily, the site for online booking of your holiday in Sicily, was founded in 2003 by the idea of a group of owners of houses and apartments in Marsala, both in the city center and its surrounding. Following the success we have expanded the number of destinations including the whole Sicily.

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A useful guide of Sicily's beauties

accommodation sicily describes cultural and food routes to enhance tourism and holidays in Sicily nearby Marsala and its surroundings.

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News From Sicily

SiciliAmo 2014 in Marsala
Since June 15th to June 22nd we'll have in Marsala the International Exhibition of Trapani

Marsala, the city of wine

If you want to spend your holidays in an interesting and various way, come to Marsala. We offer you the chance to rent an apartment or villa for one, two, or three weeks, in a part of Sicily generally not advertised from tourist agencies but, for this reason more interesting and fascinating. West Sicily is perhaps less touristic but still fascinating, with a culture and tranquillity of past times. Here you may still breath the air of the great civilizations that passed thorugh and of the people who have lived here: fenici, Greeks, Roman, Arabs, Spanis. Marsala, fenicio-punica city, may be called the city of the various streets......

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Guide to the city of Marsala and its territory

Many tourist itineraries that run along th "roads"
The arts road
beautiful things in Marsala
The wine road
Marsala’s famous wine and vineyards and wineries where it is produced
The wind road
The Stagnone lagoon
The gourmet road
couscous, fresh fish, and all the Sicilian delicacies, pastries and ice cream to your heart’s content
The sea road
the Stagnone Lagoon with its islands, Cape Boeo and the Egadi Islands)
The History road archaeological excavations of Lilybaeum, Mothia and other Phoenician sites, archaeological museums with such treasures as the statue of the ‘Young Man of Mothia’ and the recently discovered remains of a Punic warship.
The salt road
the saltpans with their barge canals and windmills
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Apartments and houses in Sicily

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  • Apartment in sicilia Petrosino

    Patrizia House In Petrosino

    City: Petrosino (Sicily)
    Category: standard
    Min. Stay (rent): 7 days
    Sleep: 4 + 2
    Rate min/week: € 250

    Independent house 150mts far from the sea. It is in a courtyard where there are only two other houses. It has a living room, ...
  • Apartment in sicilia Siracusa

    Dina Ortigia Apartment

    City: Siracusa (Sicily)
    Category: Standard
    Min. Stay (rent): 7 days
    Sleep: 4 + 2
    Rate min/week: € 650

    The apartment has a beautiful vew on the sea. Air-conditioned. The flat is fitted with every comfort. It has a double-bed ...
  • Apartment in sicilia Marsala

    Aran Apartment In Marsala

    City: Marsala (Sicily)
    Category: standard
    Min. Stay (rent): 7 days
    Sleep: 2+2 +
    Rate min/week: € 350

    It is a mansard near to the historical centre of Marsala and to the sea. It has a double-bed room and a living room with ...
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Villas in Sicily

this is only a partial liist of our villas for rent

  • Villa in sicilia Petrosino

    Gab Villa In Petrosino

    City: Petrosino (Sicily)
    Category: Standard
    Min. Stay (rent): 7 days
    Sleep: 4+2 +
    Rate min/week: € 200

    The villa is on the beach, separated from the sea only by a small road. It has a kitchen with sofa bed, double-bed room, ...
  • Villa in sicilia Taormina

    Sole House In Taormina

    City: Taormina (Sicily)
    Category: superiore
    Min. Stay (rent): 7 days
    Sleep: 12 +
    Rate min/week: € 1500

    It is a new building on two floors. Downstairs you have a living room with TV and a well equipped kitchen; outside there ...
  • Villa in sicilia Marsala

    Rakalia 1 Villa In Marsala

    City: Marsala (Sicily)
    Category: standard
    Min. Stay (rent): 7 days
    Sleep: 2 +
    Rate min/week: € 800

    It is a very elegant and exclusive wooden villa in a park of 10.0000 square metres. There are three apartments very well ...
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